Val Fondillo - Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise

Vicino alle montagne, spianato sotto i passi il suolo risuona, ti dice: la Terra e' un tamburo Pensaci!
Noi, per seguirne il ritmo, dobbiamo fare attenzione ai nostri passi.

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Wednesday, 09 July 2014 16:47

How to get there

How to get to Val Fondillo.

By car and by autobus.


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Inhabited since prehistoric times, Val Fondillo lied for long at the boundary between the pre-Roman populations of Marsi, Sanniti and Osci, and still preserves the signs of its thousand-year old history.

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Nature trail

In the heart of the  greener and deeper valley of the Nartional Park of Abruzzi

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Walking Routes

The trails of Val Fondillo.

Along the torrents, in the most beautiful beech forest of the Apennines

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Val Fondillo has marked out the culture of Opi, always representing the heart of the agricultural, pastoral and forestry activities of the community.

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Hunting has been the primary source of sustenance for mankind, the arc being the tool par excellence.




Yet, hunting represents the antithesis of contemplation and respect for wildlife, and is of course forbidden in a national park.

Practicing archery on nonliving targets can however represent an enjoyable moment of sports and healthy competition, that can also help immersing ourselves in our ancestors’ world.

Archery is run by Mr. Bruno (tel. +39 333 4667619), who will provide tools and guidance to perform archery safely and with the right technique.

Rates: 5 € for 1/2 hour of shooting



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Forest Museum

Located inside the warehouse once used for beech wood carving, the museum gives information on Val Fondillo, its history and its importance for Opi’s economy.



Val Fondillo boasts of prehistoric, pre-Roman and Roman presences, whose evidences were found in excavations carried out in the last decade.

The richness and fertility of the forest allowed for abundant harvesting of firewood and timber, used both for house heating and for producing furniture and railway material.

The valley has been for centuries the realm of lumberjacks and muleteers who, braving the steep slopes, have provided wood for the warehouse, the latter initially a private property and then (in the 60’s) run by an Opi’s cooperative  at that time the most important enterprise of the valley.

The museum is open during the months of July and August and on weekends, with hours 9.00-18.00.

Entrance ticket:

Individual: 2 €.

Groups of more than 5 persons: 12 €.

Children up to 10 years old: free 


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Horse riding


Travelling over the valley riding on the saddle of a horse is indeed an exciting experience.


The association “Cavalcata nel Parco" (“Ride in the Park”) offers the possibility to experience the thrill of horse riding, for a short path in the riding stables or for a guided tour along the valley on particularly charming routes.

Younger guests can instead ride ponies and stroll on the short trail in the picnic area.

For more details and reservations:

go to:

or contact Mr. Fiorello (tel. +39 338 9932984).


Excursions: 15 € for 1 hour; 25 € for 2 hours.

Riding school for children: 5 € for 1/2 hour.




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Reception - Bar - Restaurant

After leaving the car at the parking lot, visitors can get all information to learn about and explore the valley from the reception, located in the building of the snack bar.


The reception specifically provides information on hiking routes, rules of conduct in the park, activities and services offered in the structures located at the entrance of the valley.

The reception also sells gadgets and artwork of the park and allows to book guided tours, horse riding and archery.

After getting back from a hike, it is possible to sit at the tables inside the reception and get refreshments (drinks or snacks), whereas, for a proper meal, the restaurant offers simple but tasty local products.

Daily rates for parking:

Motorcycles:       2 €

Machines:          3,5 €

Camper:            6 €

Bus:                  10 €

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Picnic Area

The picnic area at the entrance of the valley is equipped with benches, tables and grills (all recently renewed). Toilets are located close to the parking lot situated nearby.

Tables are placed in shaded areas; firewood is available upon request and can be used for tasty barbecues.

The picnic area is situated in large clearing equipped with sports facilities, where children can move freely and play, and adults can sunbathe, walk or explore the alpine church situated nearby.

The snack bar sells fresh drinks and local products to accompany the picnic, as well as anything that you may have forgotten at home.

Finally, to aid digestion or simply to conclude a healthy day outdoor, there is the possibility of horse riding, shooting with bow, and visiting the Museum of the Forest.


Table:     1 € per person; 5 € for groups of 5 or more people

Grid:        2 €

Firewood: 1 €



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