Val Fondillo - Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise

Vicino alle montagne, spianato sotto i passi il suolo risuona, ti dice: la Terra e' un tamburo Pensaci!
Noi, per seguirne il ritmo, dobbiamo fare attenzione ai nostri passi.

Joseph Bruchac (Indiano Navajo)


Inhabited since prehistoric times, Val Fondillo lied for long at the boundary between the pre-Roman populations of Marsi, Sanniti and Osci, and still preserves the signs of its thousand-year old history.

In the heart of the  greener and deeper valley of the Nartional Park of Abruzzi

The trails of Val Fondillo.

Along the torrents, in the most beautiful beech forest of the Apennines

Val Fondillo has marked out the culture of Opi, always representing the heart of the agricultural, pastoral and forestry activities of the community.

Grazing highlands host, especially during spring, vast blooms of primroses, daisies and myosotis (“forget-me-not”).


Wildlife in Val Fondillo comprehends many of the numerous species that live in the National Park. 

Between Myths and Legends, Val Fondillo reveals its secrets.


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Coop. SO.R.T. - Servizi turistici

Coop. SO.R.T. - Servizi turistici


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