Val Fondillo - Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise

Vicino alle montagne, spianato sotto i passi il suolo risuona, ti dice: la Terra e' un tamburo Pensaci!
Noi, per seguirne il ritmo, dobbiamo fare attenzione ai nostri passi.

Joseph Bruchac (Indiano Navajo)


Val Fondillo has marked out the culture of Opi, always representing the heart of the agricultural, pastoral and forestry activities of the community.


Wood carving was practiced by generations of lumberjacks and muleteers, with great care in preserving the life cycle of the forest.

Hunting and fishing were carried out, for the sole purpose of subsistence, by a poor and scarce population, which amounted to 1200 people in periods of maximum development.

Cattle breeding was ruled by the Society of “Erbe Seconde” (“Second Herbs”), that established the presence of grazings in this territory during springs.

Cultivation of wheat, potatoes and lentils was practiced at the mouth of the valley and in hardly-reachable high-ground areas, that had to be first cleared from stones and then ploughed.

All activities were carried out by means of poor instruments, still conserved in the stables of "Pagliara" close to the hill of Opi.

The wellspring of Fondillo creek fed the mills built at the bottom of the valley. Even electricity in Opi arrived first (after the war) thanks to the still active system of the “Vecchio Mulino" (“Old Mill”), nowadays used as a restaurant.

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