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Inhabited since prehistoric times, Val Fondillo lied for long at the boundary between the pre-Roman populations of Marsi, Sanniti and Osci, and still preserves the signs of its thousand-year old history.

The first settlement arose behind the valley, on the slopes of Mount Marsicano, whereas, its necropolis was built at the mouth of the valley (some of the discovered artefacts are conserved in the Visitor Center of Pescasseroli).

At the same time, a shrine dedicated to Opi (goddess of abundance) was erected on the hill where the burg of Opi lies nowadays.

Later on, the Romans took possession of the territory. The discovery of a villa and of some gravestones confirm such presence, even suggesting a connection to the name of Cicero, native of the nearby Arpino.

After being an area of clashes between the Romans and the local population (at the time of the Samnite wars), the territory of Val Fondillo has experienced relative isolation in later centuries, partly because of its difficult access from both the Fucino and the Terra di Lavoro (with all crossings laying between 1450 and 1650 m asl).