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Museo del Camoscio Museo del Camoscio

Museum of chamois 

Housed in a typical building in the historic center of Opi, the Museum of the Chamois allows to have a close meeting with this agile inhabitant of the park’s cliffs.



Inside the museum, besides admiring the structure of a typical house belonged to one of the village’s few wealthy families, it is possible to get information about characteristics, eating habits, and behaviours of the Abruzzo’s chamois (rupricapra rupricapra ornata).

The children section of the museum offers games designed to learn recognising the different animal species of the park.

Finally, a visit to the close observation point overlooking a wildlife area allows the most lucky ones to see live the small herd of chamois that was recently reintroduced in the area.

Admission to the museum and to the observation point is free of charge.

Museum hours: 9.00-13.00; 15.30-19.30. Open daily from 15 June to 15 September, on weekends and public holidays in the rest of the year.




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