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On the border with Lazio

Serra and Pass of the Gravare

This hike leads to the world of the ancient shepherds, on the border with the “Terra di Lavoro" in the nearby region of Lazio.

The program consists in crossing the Val Fondillo on an unfrequented path that clumps up to the "Serra of Gravare”, at the border with Lazio.

The territory below was formerly called "Terra di Lavoro" (“Land of Production”), because of its many arable fields and its high production from agriculture.

The amphitheater-shaped mountain chain, rich of pastures yet dotted with rocky moraines (remnants of former glaciers), hosted for generations the living of solitary shepherds.

The hike drives along historical places linked to the processing of timber, the setting up of coal miners and the transit of robbers from the neighboring Ciociaria.

It starts from the entrance of Val Fondillo and reaches the altitude of about 1950 meters asl at the mountain pass of Inguagnera; subsequently, it descends towards the village of San Donato until the hatpin turn at the exit of Forca d'Acero’s forest, where a bus waits for participants to return to the base.

The hike can also be done in the reverse direction, reaching the point of departure by bus.


DIFFICULTY: medium / high

TOTAL ASCENT: 500 - 700 m (depending on the ascending side)

AGE: 12 +


RETURN: h 16.00

COST: € 20.00 per person


Reservations: tel. n. 331.9727262.





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