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Wildlife in Val Fondillo comprehends many of the numerous species that live in the National Park. 

Among mammals, in addition to the Marsican brown bear (symbol of the Park), you can encounter or see traces of deers, roe deers, chamois, Apennines’ wolves, lynxes, wild cats, and squirrels.

Bird species include: woodpeckers (and the Lilford’s white-backed woodpecker), titmice and sparrows; Many water birds like grey herons (only during spring and autumn) and wild ducks;

Birds of prey as golden eagles (whose nests are found on the highest peaks), red kites, buzzards, peregrine falcons, sparrow-hawks and small kestrels;

Night birds like owls, eagle owls and horned owls.

Among amphibians and reptiles, beyond the most common species of toads, frogs and water snakes, there are rare species as the Apennines’ salamander, the grass snake and the Orsini viper (both harmless).

Concerning the common viper, please note that it is a shy animal that does not attack humans and always tries to flee and hide, especially if we give a clear sign of our presence (by treading firmly on the ground or making other sounds).